Computer Science Department

Lehrstuhl für Dienstleistungsinformatik / e-Services Research Group


Research overview

The e-Services Research group is particularly interested in intelligent and knowledge-based systems and their application in industrial practice. Currently, the main focus is on recommender systems technology and in particular on knowledge-based recommender systems and their practical application. A list of recent papers can be found here.

Recommender101 is a Java-based open source library for teaching and doing research in recommender systems.

Beside this topic, the group has also recently been working on:

Current Project: DEOS - Debugging of Spreadsheet Programs

Past Project: Exquisite

Past Project: INLMS

More information (in German) can be found here.

Past research projects

Members of the research group have actively participated in various nationally and internationally funded research and industry projects. A list of recent projects can be found here.