6th ACM RecSys Workshop on

Recommender Systems


the Social Web

Foster City, Silicon Valley, 6 October 2014

Accepted Papers

The Browsemaps: Collaborative Filtering at LinkedIn (pdf) Lili Wu, Sam Shah, Sean Choi, Mitul Tiwari and Christian Posse
Analyzing the Characteristics of Shared Playlists for Music Recommendation (pdf) Dietmar Jannach, Iman Kamehkhosh and Geoffray Bonnin
Using Social Data for Personalizing Review Rankings (pdf) Vaishak Suresh, Syeda Roohi, Magdalini Eirinaki and Iraklis Varlamis
Exploiting Popularity and Similarity for Link Recommendation in Twitter Networks (pdf) Jun Zou and Faramarz Fekri
Exploring social network effects on popularity biases (pdf) Rocío Cañamares and Pablo Castells
Predicting Component Utilities for Linear-Weighted Hybrid Recommendation (pdf) Fatemeh Vahedian and Robin Burke
You are What You Eat! Tracking Health Through Recipe Interactions (pdf) Alan Said and Alejandro Bellogin